More data breach news

As we’ve previously discussed, data breach may be the next frontier for class action lawsuits. Judging by early returns of the data breach suits filed, hospitals seem to be among the businesses at greatest risk for a data breach class action.

Case in point: The University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center is now subject to a class action lawsuit after the personal and medical information of approximately 2,400 of its patients was subject to a security breach. 

Hospitals aren’t the only businesses at risk. Retail giant Target has been the subject of a high-profile lawsuit on the heels of a breach of the company’s credit and debit card information in November 2013. The company recently reasserted a previously filed motion to dismiss the case with the following argument: “Target argues that the consumers whose banking and credit information was compromised during last year’s data breach failed to provide evidence that any fraudulent charges on their accounts could be traced back to the original Target data breach event.”

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