Lack of Injury Sinks Class Over Tainted Water Supply

The Twelfth District Court of Appeals for the State of Ohio recently overturned the Preble County Court of Common Pleas’ decision to certify a class in a highly disputed case pertaining to the water supply for the Village of Camden. The appellate court ruled that the trial court abused its discretion when it certified a class comprised of everyone who resided in Camden for the period of time of August 1, 2010, to present in connection with claims against the alleged defilers of the Camden water supply. 

The case, George, et. al., v. R. Good Logistics, LLC, 12th District Nos. CA 2012-06-008, CA 2012-06-009 and CA 2012-06-010, 2013-Ohio-16 (Jan. 7, 2013), arose out of the road de-icing salt operation maintained by the defendant, R. Good Logistics, LLC.

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