Decision deferred in Hulu privacy class action — awaits Supreme Court ruling in First American Financial Corp. v. Edwards

A decision in a class action lawsuit accusing Hulu, an online video provider, of “wrongfully disclosing subscribers’ data” was deferred pending a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in First American Financial Corp. v. Edwards, FierceOnlineVideo reports. Among the issues being considered in Edwards “is whether consumers have standing--under Article III, Section II of the United States Constitution--to sue in federal court when they haven't actually suffered economic injury,” the article said.

The story quoted a client note from Bricker & Eckler LLP attorneys Anne Marie Sferra and Sommer Sheely that said “the decision in Edwards ‘will likely have a significant impact’ on dozens of other federal and state statutory schemes that allow aggrieved parties to sue for damages over alleged statute violations, irrespective of actual harm. [T]his case may impact a variety of theories that have been used to certify no-harm classes, including products liability cases, medical monitoring cases, and data security breach cases, to name a few." For more, read the full story.

Federal Class Action Law, Standing